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The GSBS support and advice is addressing:

  • Reporting & disclosure

  • Materiality & impact mapping

  • Goal setting

  • Strategy & policies

  • Risks & opportunities

  • Data collection

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Performance indicators

  • Monitoring

  • Implementation

We are living in a fast changing and highly demanding world, and together as a society, we are facing the challenges of the 21st century. These can only be overcome collaboratively as a team. 

While varying organisations are at different stages in their understanding of how they should respond to these challenges, GSBS strives to support them to balance competing economic, social, environmental and development goals.

Therefore, GSBS defines responsible and sustainable management as a strategy and methodology for integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the day-to-day decision-making and planning of professional sports organisations.

Why becoming a member?

The assessment of the data reported through the GSBS Reporting Framework helps members to understand their economic, environmental and social impacts. GSBS membership demonstrates a long-term vision and a genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable business behaviour. It improves transparency and increases integrity.


It documents progress, publicly communicates the commitment to sustainability, and enables the comparison with other organisations and the documentation of performance year on year.


Strengths and weaknesses are analysed and possible improvements are identified. This allows the setting of targets based on the current performance. Through continuous analysis and reporting, "green washing" and the use of sustainability issues for marketing purposes only can be avoided.


GSBS is dedicated to evaluating the sustainability performance of sports organisations with the clear objective of improving and optimising their performances to meet their responsibilities towards society and the environment.

Potential organisational benefits

  • Reduce your environmental footprint and costs

  • Become a pioneer and leader for sustainability in the sports sector
  • Optimise your sustainability performance

  • Development processes and overall efficiency

  • Improve risk management

  • Attract talent and business partners

  • Get positive media coverage

  • Engage stakeholders and improve stakeholder relations

  • Motivate and engage employees

  • Build credibility as a committed and effective corporate citizen

  • Become carbon neutral or even zero

  • Create a true USP and outperform peers

Environmental & social benefits

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  • Reduction of climate change risks

  • Cleaner air, water and land

  • Bigger prosperity of the society

  • Increased diversity & creation of chance 

  • More carbon-neutral travel

  • Reduction of child labour and modern slavery

  • Reduction of systemic racism

  • Improvement on gender inequality

  • Responsible use of resources

  • Empowerment of women and minorities

  • Preservation of biodiversity

  • Reduction of bribery and corruption

  • Constructive use of globalisation and digitalisation

  • Greater transparency