GSBS Index

Image by Mitch Rosen

The modern sports industry has its global players, massive organisations with very high annual revenue, worldwide reach and influence.

Therefore, the GSBS Index was created - a selection of 40 such organisations. With 4 Global organisations, 18 from North America & 18 from Europe. The selection criteria are social media reach, global appeal and annual turnover.

GSBS actively approaches these organisations and encourages them to report on the GSBS Reporting Framework and provide the corresponding data. In the case of no response, the GSBS will research and compile relevant data based on the publicly available data. Subsequently the manually completed reporting framework and associated rating will then be provided to the organization with a request for review and opportunity to comment before the rating is published.

The data contained in the reporting framework forms the basis for the opinion-forming process, which ultimately leads to the rating of the organisation based on this opinion.

The GSBS has the ethos to reflect level of development on the topic of sustainability of the professional sports industry holistic, therefore every professional sports organisation is welcome to participate at no charge.


Furthermore, the GSBS will actively invite and encourage several additional organisations to provide  their sustainability data according to the GSBS Reporting Framework.

You are interested in what we are doing? Please reach out to us and be part of the change.

Image by Cody Board