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GSBS Rating

The GSBS Reporting Framework, and therefore the data collected and reported through it, forms the basis for the annual GSBS Sustainability Performance Rating for each individual organisation. The results of the GSBS Sustainability Performance Rating will indicate the status quo of the professional sports industry regarding its sustainability performance and are published broadly via international media outlets to achieve the biggest possible global awareness.


The four categories of the GSBS Reporting Framework build the overall GSBS Sustainability Performance Rating result: Corporate, Environmental, Social and Governance.


These four categories are further divided into subcategories with a number of indicators, for each of which GSBS awards points that are summed up to an aggregated score. GSBS takes into account the unique characteristics of the sports industry when weighing the individual indicators within a subcategory.


The total GSBS Sustainability Performance Rating score of an organisation is expressed as a percentage which allows to compare the organisations with each other and with the industry average.

Image by Adi Goldstein
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